Commercial Window Cleaning
Safety Program

ANS,Inc. has a longstanding Safety Training Program that we believe is the finest in-house program in the country. It begins with our application process, which includes receiving and signing for our written Safety Policy and Procedures manual. Before any employee begins work, he or she must watch our training films and pass written examinations. They then begin our Safety and Training Certification Program. This program includes objectives that are skill based and time sensitive. The initial certification level must be achieved within 30 to 45 days, and the next level within one year. Two additional levels may be obtained and are based upon achieving classification levels tied to descent control, suspended scaffolds & aerial lifts. Semi-annual re-testing is required of all window washers and supervisors at their current level or for upgrades. Rewards may include cash and/or vacation days for achieving each level of the program.

Senior managers at ANS,Inc. and other key employees are certified as OSHA General Industry Outreach instructors. Employees participate in the safety programs provided by the International Window Cleaners Association and the Scaffold & Access Industry Association. Training classes by manufactures or suppliers of equipment we use are presented to supplement our existing programs.

Of course, any safety program is only as good as its enforcement. Field management personnel complete weekly written job-site safety reports that acknowledge both safe and unsafe work practices they observe. Written corrective action reports may be prepared if violations are of a serious nature that requires more than verbal communications or needs documentation. Additionally, random drug testing is performed on all employees to ensure a drug free workplace.

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