Bloomington, Illinois

Dametric Burnett

Dametric Burnett

General Manager

711 N. Morris Ave, Bloomington, IL, 61761

Dametric Burnett has been with Clearly Windows since 2011, and with ANSI since the acquisition of Clearly Windows in 2014. Currently Dametric is a General Manager, and overseas both the Clearly Windows office in Central Illinois, as well as the ANSI office in St. Louis. Dametric is an avid racer and motorcycle enthusiast, so if he’s not at work you can always find him in a garage wearing headphones, working on his next bike.

Our Bloomington, Illinois office covers the Central Illinois area including Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Springfield, and 

Decatur. You might also recognize us as Clearly Windows.


Physical Location: 711 N. Morris Ave, Bloomington, IL, 61761

Phone: 309-661-0046