Environmental Sustainability

In 2015 ANSI implemented a program to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum products that we dispose of on a daily basis. The purchases of recyclable office supplies, window washing supplies, equipment will be given priority. At our company owned properties energy control measures are implemented for heating, cooling and lighting. At leased properties, our landlords are encouraged to participate in providing such measures.

As a window washing company we realize that water usage is a necessary component to complete our work. Our work may create opportunities for water to be absorbed through the ground or entered into the drainage system. It is our intent to use products or processes with chemicals that provide minimal if any, environmental impact to the surrounding area. Alternative cleaning methods which use only soft water shall be used whenever feasible.

The storage of chemicals will follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures, and steps will be taken to contain and properly clean any chemical leaks or spills. Partially used chemical containers for singular use will be properly disposed of following the completion of the job for which they were intended. Disposal of all empty or no longer used chemical containers will follow manufacturer’s recommendations or local regulations.

In cases where less friendly chemicals are used, reclamation and cleanup procedures established by the manufacturer or local regulations will be followed. Use of these types of chemicals will be documented with information on the location and the type and amount of chemical used. In addition, we will strive to substitute more environmentally friendly products when available.

ANSI creates annual reports each January which will document the progress to meeting the goals above and affirming new goals and/or reaffirming the previous year’s goals.