Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Review For 2016 and 2017 Expectations

In February 2015, American National Skyline developed an environmental sustainability policy that is
based on realistic and attainable goals. We hoped to achieve full participation of the easily attainable
goals at each of our locations and job sites. From each location’s follow up information, it appears we
have been able to continue to meet and maintain those goals in 2016.

In 2016 all offices were participating in recycling paper and plastic. Aluminum cans are recycled when
and where possible. Large aluminum and steel equipment that was removed from services (ladders, roof
rigs, manlifts, etc…) were taken to recycling centers with proceeds being used towards employee
appreciation lunches. Consumable office supplies and window washing supplies from recyclable
materials are purchased when feasible.

Proper storage and disposal of chemicals is being followed and the use of “green cleaners” is a priority.
Chemicals that have an environmental impact are used in the minimal accepted concentrations and their
use is discouraged except when it has been deemed necessary by our customers or management.

At our rental propertiess we continue to work with our landlords to improve heating, cooling and lighting

2017 Goals:
Ensure 100% participation by our individual locations to continue recycling and energy control
procedures that are currently being followed.

Continue replacing light bulbs and tubes with energy efficient lighting when they are in need of being

Work with landlords to achieve heating, cooling and lighting energy improvements.

While our waterfed pole work utilizing “soft” water continues to increase we are looking to introduce
procedures for 2017 that will assist in reducing our water consumption.